Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Black Caucus muzzled on Cynthia McKinney

Want to know whether the Congressional Black Caucus and its chair Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California) had any comment on the hijacking of the Free Gaza boat “the Spirit of Humanity” and former Congressional Black Caucus member, Cynthia McKinney?

Russell Mokhiber asked Jioni Palmer, spokesperson for the Congressional Black Caucus for a comment on the hijacking.

“No comment,” Jioni said.

“Okay, Jioni, how do I spell your name?”

“What, you are going to quote me saying ‘no comment’?”

“No, Jioni, I’m going to quote you as saying ‘We’re so freaked out about pissing off AIPAC, that of course, we’re not going to issue a statement condemning the hijackers. Who gives a rat’s ass whether Cynthia McKinney is being held in a jail in the Israeli port city of Ashdod?’ ”

“Because that’s what you should say, Jioni, if you were telling the truth.”

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