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Avatar the biggest anti war film of all time

December 31, 2009

Avatar may well be the biggest anti War film of all time. Avatar stands against everything the West is identified with. It is against greed and capitalism, it is against interventionalism, it is against colonialism and imperialism. Avatar puts Wolfowitz, Blair and Bush on trial without even mentioning their names. [From the blog of Gilad […]

Convenient timing on Yemen-based attacks

December 31, 2009

For the last couple of months Saudi Arabia has been bombarding Yemen with fighter jets. Just recently the US sent cruise missiles into Yemen in a reported attempt to hit Al Qaeda sites. Also, US fighter jets joined the attacks on Yemen. In return, Al Qaeda reportedly issued a warning that it would avenge US […]

What of Cause and Effect in the 5 U.S. “Wars on Terror”?

December 30, 2009

If you count [the U.S.] occupation of Iraq, our twice-escalated war in Afghanistan, our rapidly escalating bombing campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen, and various forms of covert war involvement in Somalia, one could reasonably say that we’re fighting five different wars in Muslim countries — or, to use the NYT‘s jargon, “five fronts” in the […]

Déjà vu mystery surrounds the Lap Bomber

December 29, 2009

Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” was arrested on December 22, 2001, for trying to blow up American Airlines flight 63, coming into the States from Paris. Reid’s stunt led to the imposition of the take-off-your-shoes rule at airport security Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the “lap bomber” was arrested on December 25th, 2009, coming into the […]

Suspicious activity report by a fellow passenger of the attempted Christmas Bomber

December 29, 2009

Why isn’t the “mainstream” media reporting the facts shared by Kurt Haskell, who was on the same flight with Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, specifically where he testifies: “…I was next to the terrorist when he checked in at the Amsterdam airport early on Christmas … An Indian man in a nicely dressed suit around age […]

Worldwide Protests to Lift the Siege on Gaza

December 28, 2009

A massive mobilization between December 27, 2009 and January 1, 2010 with candlelight vigils, concerts, marches, demonstrations, art installations and movie screenings will assemble all over the world to send a clear message to world leaders: end the siege on Gaza. December 27 marks one year since the Israeli attack and invasion of the Gaza […]

What is Patriotism?

December 27, 2009

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” —George Bernard Shaw: “Patriotism in its simplest, clearest and most indubitable signification is nothing else but a means of obtaining for the rulers their ambitions and covetous desires, and for the ruled the abdication of human dignity, […]

On trained assassins, JSOC, the CIA and Blackwater

December 26, 2009

An article published in Vanity Fair, written by a former CIA attorney, cites intelligence sources in stating that Eric Prince, the multi-millionaire Republican founder-owner of Blackwater, was not merely a private contractor, but a “full-blown asset” recruited by the agency. The central role played by Blackwater mercenaries in the CIA’s activities became increasingly clear as […]

Thoughts on the first Christmas

December 25, 2009

Wouldn’t it have been much more respectable and acceptable for the King of kings, Jesus, to have been born in a palace, with illustrious members of the court in attendance, and with all the honor and praise of society? Instead, He was born on the dirty floor of a barn, next to cows and asses, […]

A pensive Christmas Eve

December 24, 2009

As today is Christmas Eve, it might be useful for those of us who call ourselves Christians to recall the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding humility, charity, tolerance, and peacemaking. The Christian message should be particularly welcome to the American people who have borne the burden of nearly continuous warfare since 2001, resulting in the […]