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Déjà vu mystery surrounds the Lap Bomber

Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” was arrested on December 22, 2001, for trying to blow up American Airlines flight 63, coming into the States from Paris. Reid’s stunt led to the imposition of the take-off-your-shoes rule at airport security

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the “lap bomber” was arrested on December 25th, 2009, coming into the States. Umar’s midair antics have now inspired the Transportation Safety Authority to inaugurate a spate of new regulations: nothing in your lap, please, and no getting up from your seat for a solid hour before landing.

To add yet another touch of déjà vu,the Reid incident occurred at a volatile moment, just as the Bush administration was ramping up to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq. Umar, the lap bomber, also leaps onto the international stage at a sensitive time, when President Obama is launching a major offensive in Afghanistan and the US has “assisted” Yemen in its air strikes on the alleged al-Qaeda stronghold in that country.

Now, eight years later, our mental processes have been quickened to seeming anomalies, such as: why, when Umar’s own father – a prominent banker – contacted the US embassy, and met with the CIA as well as the Nigerian intelligence agency, and warned them his son might pose a danger, was Umar allowed on a plane entering the US? Authorities tell us that he was in a database, consisting of over half a million people, said to pose a risk, but not on the “no fly” list, in spite of his own father’s warning.

Umar is the son of Dr. Umaru Mutallab, former economics minister in the Nigerian government and one of the country’s most prominent bankers: schooled at the exclusive British International School. We are asked to believe that a highly privileged young man, with everything to live for, was suddenly seized with a desire to commit suicide as an act of jihad: that he disappeared from his life of ease, on a street lined with Mercedes Benzes and Ferraris, in a fashionable district of London, and traveled to Yemen, where he received what may have been a defective bomb, which was sewn into his underwear by his jihadist trainers. This bomb then went undetected in Amsterdam airport, where he was let on a plane headed for the US in spite of explicit warnings given by his own father.

How could this happen? Inquiring minds want to know.

[Excerpt of an article by Justin Raimondo]


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