Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Convenient timing on Yemen-based attacks

For the last couple of months Saudi Arabia has been bombarding Yemen with fighter jets. Just recently the US sent cruise missiles into Yemen in a reported attempt to hit Al Qaeda sites. Also, US fighter jets joined the attacks on Yemen. In return, Al Qaeda reportedly issued a warning that it would avenge US raids.

The Detroit bound airline terrorist suspect from Nigeria has supposed links to Yemen. Something smells of a needed convenient incident to help promote the attacks on Yemen and the expansion of our terrorist war there.

As luck would have it, and conveniently, Congresspersons are calling for a needed expansion of the terror wars to include Yemen.

Also parts of the Patriot Act are soon due to expire. Now talk about a real convenience.

[Excerpt from an article by Grant Lawrence]


One Response to “Convenient timing on Yemen-based attacks”

  1. […] attack? Hysterical media coverage would have provided fodder for the most right-wing factions to demand war against Yemen or other Muslim countries. At home, there would have been calls for a mass dragnet […]

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