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Asian economic growth, US military-driven empire building

Asian global power is driven by dynamic economic growth, while the US pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building.

Some illustrations of the divergent strategies toward empire building.  The new Chinese rail system, highlighting its superiority over the US rail service:  1,100 kilometers, in less than 3 hours whereas the US Amtrak ‘Express’ takes 3 ½ hours to cover 300 kilometers between Boston and New York.  China has spent $17 billion dollars constructing its express line and plans to construct 18,000 kilometers of new track for its ultra-modern system by 2012, while the US will spend an equivalent amount in financing its  ‘military surge’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as opening a new war front in Yemen.

The decades-long wars and occupations of Moslem countries have diverted hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds to a militarist policy with no benefit to the US, while China modernizes its civilian economy. While the White House and Congress subsidize and pander to the militarist-colonial state of Israel, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 10 fold over the past 26 years.

While the US allocated over $1.4 trillion dollars to Wall Street and the military, increasing the fiscal and current account deficits, doubling unemployment and perpetuating the recession, the Chinese government releases a stimulus package directed at its domestic manufacturing and construction sectors, leading to an 8% growth in GDP, a significant reduction of unemployment and re-igniting linked economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Despite its many issues, China has created scores of millions of manufacturing jobs, reduced poverty faster and for more people in the shortest time span in history.  Its banks mostly finance production.  China doesn’t bomb, invade or ravage other countries.  In contrast, US capitalism has been harnessed to a monstrous global military machine that drains the domestic economy and lowers the domestic standard of living in order to fund its never-ending foreign wars.

Excerpt of an article by James Petras


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