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Philip Giraldi on false passports used in Mossad assassination in Dubai

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, writes:

The recent massive assassination operation carried out by Israel’s Mossad in Dubai has … has attracted considerable media attention in Europe though relatively little in the United States, possibly because any American outcry would be the pot calling the kettle black. Europeans have mostly been outraged by the Israeli cloning of genuine European passports to carry out their dirty work, less so by the killing itself.

Fake identity documents from a country other than one’s own are called “false flag.” The CIA’s office of technical services produces its own bogus foreign passports and other documents.  As most Americans normally can only pass as citizens of a handful of foreign countries, mostly in Europe, the false documents traditionally have reflected that reality.  The Russians also produce their own documents as do the more sophisticated smaller services like the British, Israelis, and French.  For most second and third world intelligence services it has always been much easier to steal or buy whatever foreign document is needed and alter the information to suit.

The twenty-five CIA officers who blundered their way through the kidnapping of Muslim cleric Abu Omar off a Milan street in February 2003 were all using real American passports in false names.  Not very conscious of the paper and data trail they were leaving behind them, as well as completely careless in mixing their true and fake personas, all of the Agency officers were subsequently identified by the Italian investigators.  A number were identified in both real and false names because they compromised their aliases by calling home to Virginia and claiming frequent flier and hotel miles in their true identities.

Improved border control screening process linked to data bases can tell if the number and name [on any given passport] are authentic, which explains why the Israelis cloned actual identities from genuine passports for their Dubai assassination operation.  The Israelis revealed in this operation that they are able to reproduce British passports that will pass muster at both European and Middle Eastern border control points, but they are not able to alter the data base that the passport is stored on, so they had to use real identities and passport numbers together with substituted photos.  But, like the Americans in Milan, the Israelis should have thought a lot harder about what they were doing and what the unintended consequences might be.

The Mossad assassination could also result in real consequences from the European governments whose passports were cloned or stolen, though the French and Germans are unlikely to make waves and the British are already backpedalling to make sure they do not offend Israel.  A European Union resolution was so spineless as to not even name Israel in a statement condemning passport fraud and extrajudicial killing.

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  1. […] The UK government meanwhile put out a warning to British citizens to think twice about visiting Israel, lest their passport information end up being used by Mossad agents in an upcoming assassination. This coupled with Britain’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat (believed to be the Mossad London station chief) and its accusation that the Israeli government was responsible for forging British passports used in the international murder plot in Dubai. Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the passports had been copied from “genuine British passports” in a “highly sophisticated operation,” indicating that a state intelligence service was responsible. […]

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