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Israel’s “intentional insult to the U.S. administration”

It’s been quite a week for a defiant Israel.

In a move that further strained relations between the United States and Israel, the municipality of Jerusalem gave approval for a controversial Israeli housing project in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem has become an area highly coveted by Jewish nationalists wishing to cement Jewish claims to the land, and a fault line in the public debate about Israeli building in Arab areas of East Jerusalem.

This on the heels of Israel’s announcement two weeks ago that they would be building 1,600 units of housing in a different East Jerusalem neighborhood. That announcement, made while U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was visiting Israel set off a diplomatic rift between the United States and Israel that both sides were still attempting to iron out.

After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was summoned to Washington to meet with President Obama, one must note that the leaders did not appear before any cameras for the customary handshakes, nor was there any indication of an end to the dispute. While the States has recently reiterated its special bond with Israel, the question is how much the US will take and whether the US will play their aid to Israel card.

The UK government meanwhile put out a warning to British citizens to think twice about visiting Israel, lest their passport information end up being used by Mossad agents in an upcoming assassination. This coupled with Britain’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat (believed to be the Mossad London station chief) and its accusation that the Israeli government was responsible for forging British passports used in the international murder plot in Dubai. Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the passports had been copied from “genuine British passports” in a “highly sophisticated operation,” indicating that a state intelligence service was responsible.

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the British government would be giving its report on the passports to the Australian Federal Police, who are also investigating how some of their country’s passports came to be used in the Dubai assassination by Mossad agents.


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