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Kucinich: Assassination of Americans a short-cut around the Constitution

The Obama administration has recently revealed its assassination plan of a US citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Targeted killings are not a new Obama administration policy. Beginning three days after his swearing in, President Obama authorized scores of lethal drone strikes, including against specific individuals, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, surpassing the Bush era numbers. The elite Joint Special Operations Command maintains a list of individuals, including US citizens, which it is authorized to assassinate.

The policy of the CIA targeting al-Awlaki, a US citizen in Yemen, for assassination, appears to be a new development, at least in terms of public awareness of approved government assassinations.

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich says the case of al-Awlaki is an attempt to make “a short-cut around the Constitution,” saying, “Short-cuts often belie the deep and underlying questions around which nations rise and fall. We are really putting our nation in jeopardy by pursuing this kind of policy. …I think people in both parties that are concerned about the Constitution should be speaking out on this.”

Kucinich told The Nation he has sent several letters to the Obama administration raising questions about the potential unconstitutionality of the policy, as well as possible violations of international law, but has received no response. “With all the smart people that are in that administration, they’ve got to know the risks that they’re taking here with violations of law,” he says.

[Excerpt of a Nation article by Jeremy Scahill]


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