Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

To what extent do U.S. wars in the Middle East inspire attacks on the U.S.?

Politicians and pundits continue to discuss alleged terror suspect Faisal Shahzad’s attempt to detonate an explosive device in New York City’s Time Square, but few are asking the obvious—how could our wars on terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have prevented an individual like Shahzad from trying to carry out a terrorist attack on US soil? Furthermore, to what extent do our wars in the Middle East inspire such attacks? Aren’t we “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here?” And if so, why are we still fighting them here?

In December, when it was discovered that the so-called “underwear bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had visited Yemen, I jokingly asked, “So are we going to start bombing Yemen now?” The very next day, Senator Joe Lieberman said we should consider military action against Yemen, something that nation’s president quickly warned would only create more terrorists.

Since taking office, President Obama has supported the drastic increase of drone strikes on Pakistan where civilian casualties have been noticeably high, or as the Los Angeles Times reports “Civilian deaths caused by Western arms are a source of deep anger in Pakistan.”

Unlike virtually everyone else, international affairs expert Stephen Walt has dared to ask the obvious concerning Shahzad, writing in Foreign Policy magazine: “then there’s the question of why he tried to do this. Based on the still-sketchy information I’ve read so far, it seems likely that he wanted to kill Americans in New York City because he didn’t like our killing people in Central Asia … via drone strikes and other special operations.”

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3 Responses to “To what extent do U.S. wars in the Middle East inspire attacks on the U.S.?”

  1. I’m Going to say this with Impunity, that WE don’t Owe the Terrorists anything. [Except a Real Good ASS Kicking.]They were the Ones that drummed up the War Drums and Attacked Us on 911. They are pacifists and then again they are really anti-social too. For they can Master denial and Lying to The Hilton and look like the Victim every Time. Why should I help a Terrorist? The Muslim World I have no Quantum’s with, for they were Lied to and Victimized also. The Real Test is to Bring to Justice, with The Help of Real Muslim’s, not some Brand of Terrorist Evil, that can develop, a Better way to run the Middle East. With Israel as their Friend, which I believe is Possible, with The 2 Party Status in The Conflict, after Iran is removed from Power, as a Terrorist State and a threat to anyone in The Middle East that Loves Peace.

  2. While it is difficult to ascertain exactly what in the world you are talking about, what with the caps and misspellings, I think you managed to say pretty much nothing as it relates to the piece. It may be true that “WE don’t Owe the Terrorists anything.” But one of the questions you have to answer is who exactly is a ‘terrorist?’ Would the current incarnation of the mujahadeen, trying to expel America from their homeland as they did to Russia 20 years ago, considered ‘terrorists?’ How about those who are trying to get us to leave Iraq (a place which had ZERO to do with 9/11)? In another day, they might have been called freedom fighters.
    The second question you have to answer is simply, how is our presence in that part of the world a positive thing (for we Americans or for the locals we have been killing?) How is it making us safer? Or is it, as many have suggested, actually creating more ‘terrorists’ aching to kill innocent Americans?
    There’s much more for you to consider, but let’s start with the basics.

    Peace be with you.

  3. You are right about One thing, Not all Muslim’s are Terrorists. How much Drug Culture is allowed to Be in Control of the Streets Our Nation for its Self Sufficiency? That You need to Suggest. The Drug Culture has been going on Since we were a Nation and it has Now Influenced the U.S. Government. If this is allowed to Continue are you ready for The U.S. and The World to Become a Terrorist State or a Sharia Law Based Government?Did the Mujahideen become the People that attacked the 911 Towers? Our are You Stuck on George Bush? The Truth is We used them in The 1980’s to run The Soviet union Out of Afghanistan, and The Pakistan areas. This happened because We Promised them Economic Recovery. The Support they received was a massive, downgrade in Foreign Policy by The President Clinton Programs and WE cut The Military Spending to regenerate Our Economy. When The Economy was Pushing Wall Street to The New Territory of Profits, even during the Kosovo War, as well as The Serbian War. The Muslim World was starting to Setup The Terrorist Plan to Bomb American Embassies as well as Military Compounds and Air-liners. This was a Product from Yassir Arafat, that caught on as Timothy McVeigh and His Crony was Rebelling inside the U.S. This made the Anti-Trust of the Muslim World Inflame Muslim’s with The Lies of a False Prophet Named Osama Bin Laden. This all generated with The Blaming Israel Method that the U.S. and other Nations from Our Alliance were involved in trying to Counter and Promote Peace in The Middle East. Unless You want another Holocaust there had to Be retaliation Towards the People that bombed Us on 911 and anyone whom feels that,- That was Right for them to do that, for there is no Law in The Complaint, that Unrighteousness is Going to Rule The World. God is in Control and Terrorism will never be for more than one Hour. We as a Nation are re-establishing the Trust and Economic Development that was cancelled By The Rush to Regenerate Our Economy when The Cold-War Ended, it is only now that We can keep Our promise to The Muslim World, if we cannot help Ourselves, How an we help anyone Else? Iraq asked Us for Help too, they asked The U.S. to Help them to Throw Out The Dictator[Saddam Hussein] they had,He was also a Failed U.S. installed Leader whom turned on the U.S. as well as The Iraqi Government. He was a Dictator. Just Like Osama Bin Laden whom uses Mind-Control on The Muslim World. They tried to make it look Like it was America’s Fault and Many People in Those parts of the World need Our Help, but we cannot help them if a Dictator is in Control of Their Government.

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