Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Those making financial decisions for us have little in common with us

Many of us who work each day have no concept of wealth.

Consider Treasury Secretary Geithner, who was a senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations before moving on to the Federal Reserve. Before Geithner ever joined the Obama administration, his take home pay was around $7,000 per week, just like yours. What? You don’t take home $28,000 per month?

Geithner is a hamburger flipper when compared with his predecessor though. Hank Paulson was worth over $700 million and just the interest on $700 million in a bad year is $35 million dollars. Hank could buy a new $10 million yacht and a $25 million estate in the South of France every year and never touch the principle.

John McCain’s wealth is between $20 and $25 million. Diane Feinstein’s, $40 to $100 million. John Kerry, $167 million.

So who do these people have more in common with, common working class people, or each other?

As a result, I look into my poor man’s crystal ball and I can tell you what the future will bring: income for banks and corporations will rise while unemployment will remain unchanged and wages will remain flat.

The President’s committee on deficit reduction will recommend cuts and tax hikes to Social Security and Medicaid but only to “save” them. Those hikes and cuts won’t be recommended until after the November elections.

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