Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Insurgent history repeating itself in Afghanistan

History is repeating itself in Afghanistan because the Americans repeated the mistake made by the Soviets. They are being made to pay for their folly of overestimating themselves and underestimating the skill and fortitude of the Afghan guerillas.

In a war against insurgency unless the mission is accomplished within a year, the war tends to drag on for years on end.

The guerillas have no such compulsion as time is always on their side. Therefore, they do everything to prolong the war in order to not only cultivate more recruits, build their inventory of weapons, ammunition and explosives, put in place an effective intelligence network, but also to play with the minds of the soldiers, for once the mind is defeated, the war is won.

–Excerpt of an article by a retired Pakistan Army brigadier


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