Moral Outrage
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Parallel world to U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Let us imagine that Spain invaded Mexico in similar fashion to the US invasion of Afghanistan. Spanish troops poured into the country, and Spanish generals and mercenaries were to all intents running the place although generously subsidizing a corrupt national government whose president was in power through gross electoral fraud.

A militant resistance movement developed and a lucrative drug industry prospered mightily. There was much illegal movement of criminals and insurgents across the US-Mexico border. And Spain, objecting to transit of militant Mexicans fighting against Spanish occupation of their country, obtained information that some guerrilla fighters might – might – be in a house in the little town in Texas.

So one morning a video game player in Madrid pressed a button and a Spanish drone roaming round in US airspace fired missiles on that town that killed two Mexican militants — as well as a dozen US citizens.

What do you think Washington’s reaction would be to that incident?

This sort of blitz is experienced every week in Pakistan. Obama has ordered over 100 CIA drone strikes in Pakistan since becoming president. Even if there were no civilian deaths at all – which is decidedly unlikely – the very act of firing missiles into the territory of a foreign country to kill people is by any standards illegal, if the recipient country is not at war with the nation attacking it.

[From an article by Brian Cloughley]

2 Responses to “Parallel world to U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan”

  1. To add insult to injury: Brian Cloughley suggests that the President of the United States considers robot drone strikes that kill people a matter for humor. President Obama joked during a media jamboree that if members of a certain pop group had designs on his daughters there would be “Two words for you: Predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I’m joking?”

    Not unlike the 2004 White House party for the media when George W Bush thought it hilarious to observe that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to be found in Iraq when he was jovially poking around the function room mimicking a search for them – while American soldiers were dying in the war he had ordered! A squalid burlesque from which not one reporter was honorable enough to walk out in dignified disdain.

    And it seems the current generation of White House media patsies continue to observe that tradition.

  2. […] Cameron movie – but it is in fact an accurate description of life in much of Pakistan today, with the sides flipped. The Predators and Reapers are being sent by Barack Obama’s CIA, with the support of other […]

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