Moral Outrage
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U.S. aid as a nonlethal weapon of war

The White House tells us that we are releasing funds to rebuild Afghanistan. The reality, however, is that very little of the money actually will benefit the Afghan people.

In a report for the Overseas Development Institute, Ashraf Ghani, the chancellor of Kabul University, stated that about 90 percent of the $1 billion spent on 400 aid projects was wasted.

USAID projected that it would build 286 schools by the end of 2004, but only eight were completed.

Seventy percent of our aid is tied to the purchase of American products in preference to those that originate in Afghanistan, compelling Afghans to buy American agricultural products, thus putting Afghan farmers out of business or driving even more of them into the poppy trade. This forces many of them to join the 40 percent of the Afghan workforce that is already unemployed.

Ann Jones, a former humanitarian worker in Afghanistan, reported that between 2002 and 2008 the U.S. pledged $10.4 billion for development but delivered only $5 billion of that amount, with 47 percent of this amount paid to American experts.

Eight leading humanitarian organizations working in Afghanistan, including Oxfam and ActionAid, issued a joint report that was highly critical of the International Security Assistance Force, as the American-led NATO force is known, because of  ‘the international militaries’ use of aid as a ‘nonlethal’ weapon of war,” a term coined by the U.S. military.


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