Moral Outrage
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Jewish thoughts on Israel’s deadly raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian convoy

If Operation Cast Lead was a turning point in the attitude of the world toward [Israel], this operation is the second horror film of the apparently ongoing series. Israel proved yesterday that it learned nothing from the first movie.

[There has been international condemnation of Israel’s deadly raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy. Turkey – once Israel’s closest Muslim ally – was outraged by the raid of a ship under its flag. Three of nine activists killed when Israeli commandos stormed ships trying to take aid to Gaza had been identified as Turks.]

The fiasco could and should have been prevented. This flotilla should have been allowed to pass and the blockade should be brought to an end.

And what have we? A country that is quickly becoming completely isolated. This is a place that turns away intellectuals, shoots peace activists, cuts off Gaza and now finds itself in an international blockade. Once more yesterday it seemed, and not for the first time, that Israel is increasingly breaking away from the mother ship, and losing touch with the world – which does not accept its actions and does not understand its motives.

Yesterday there was no one on the planet, not a newsman or analyst, except for its conscripted chorus, who could say a good word about the lethal takeover.

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4 Responses to “Jewish thoughts on Israel’s deadly raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian convoy”

  1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his senior ministers attempted to blame army commanders for “the bungled raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.” And according to Reuters, “Israeli military admits errors in bungled boarding.”

    But was the raid really bungled? Did the Israeli military command and Netanyahu government have no clear strategy going in? Or was the violence they meted out against the flotilla activists deliberate and methodically planned?

    Statements by senior Israeli military commanders made in the Hebrew media days before the massacre revealed that the raid was planned over a week in advance by the Israeli military and was personally approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak.

    The elite Israeli commando unit known as Unit 13 was tasked with carrying out the mission and its role was known by the Israeli public well before the raid took place. Details of the plan show that the use of deadly force was authorized and calculated.

    The killing of activists should not have been unexpected.

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  3. Israeli doesn’t have humanity anymore.. They kill everything without thinking what will be happened even if the world criticize them they won’t care about it…

  4. […] savage criminal slaughters of human life in long memory. The 522-hour indiscriminate carnage, “Cast Lead” that killed 1,417 Palestinians, mostly civilians, 352 of them children, injuring for life more […]

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