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Afghanistan officially the longest war in American history

As of June 7th, the war in Afghanistan has lasted 104 months, surpassing Vietnam as the longest war in American history!

American forces invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, Kabul fell that November, and America’s attention shifted to the war in Iraq. It wasn’t until after the 2007 troop surge in Iraq and, after that, the 2008 election that America refocused its attention on Afghanistan, but American troops were there all along.

In December 2009, President Obama committed another 30,000 troops to the region.

Critics and pundits have not been shy about comparing the conflict to the one in Vietnam, and Gordon Goldstein’s book Lessons in Disaster, about President Kennedy and Johnson’s national security decisions leading up to the Americanization of the Vietnam War, was circulated around the White House as they formulated their new strategy in Afghanistan.

A touchstone of Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is the drawing down of troops come summer 2011. By that time, the war will be 116 months old—a record, we can only hope, that will remain in the books for many years to come.

[Vanity Fair]


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