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YouTube clips scanned and evaluated for terror threats?

Youtube videos could soon be scanned and evaluated for terror threats, thanks to a new project funded by the U.S. intelligence community that’ll create a searchable warehouse of open-source clips.

Iarpa, the spy agency’s out-there research arm, is behind the program called Automated Low-Level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligence Video (ALADDIN).

The advent of cell phone cams and online video hubs means thousands of clips are uploaded every day. And while the quality of UAV or spy-cam feeds is relatively consistent, and the videos usually contain similar imagery, “the unconstrained video clips produced by anyone who has a digital camera present a significant challenge,” Iarpa notes.

In ALADDIN, Iarpa wants a boundless database of open source video clips, and the ability to search “for the occurrence of specific events of interest…”. Of course, despite the challenges of analyzing uploaded videos, spy agencies are probably already doing it. In 2008, the director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Open Source Center noted that “YouTube…carries some unique and honest-to-goodness intelligence.”

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One Response to “YouTube clips scanned and evaluated for terror threats?”

  1. Of coarse this does not mean that if The Terrorists give up their videos and their camera’s that we cannot find them too. For the Intelligence Community has even more ways to dip into the Terrorists Minds. We are able to go through certain kinds of Electronic and Human Devices that are infallible, to the Truth. We are able to penetrate even the Hardest Human Fortresses on the Face of this Earth. But the Terrorists are seemingly only limited to their Videos to communicate.[Cell Phones have been Compromised,] So that means that they will have to go to Human Communications that will seriously Slowdown and make their Communications even more, the more lacking, of a failsafe solution. Although they do have an Encryption device on the Chat Community that gives them a little Freedom, That is the Skype Network which may or May Not be Compromised too. It seems that Encryption is their last Resource and we may be Compromising those too. Surrender may be an Option for these Thugs someday soon. With more and more Terrorists getting Captured or killed, they have to Redesign their Operations. Learning new ways to Communicate for these people, is getting dim and may one day destroy them Completely. God Bless the Good News, thanks, Moral Outrage.

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