Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Bradley Manning the new Daniel Ellsberg

The news from Afghanistan and Iraq is not good, but Americans are not even told all the news – especially when it includes abuses, even war crimes, committed by the U.S. military.

Bradley Manning, a 22-year old Army private, believed he saw war crimes being committed by the U.S. military and shared the information so the American public could know what the armed forces were doing. The most famous leak from Manning showed an Apache Helicopter attack by the U.S. military killing a dozen civilians and wounding two children.

Manning allegedly leaked hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and emails that have yet to be published. He said that the documents showed horrible “crimes” and his goal in releasing them was to “hopefully [spark] worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms, if not . . . we’re doomed as a species.” His goal was for “people to see the truth… regardless of who they are… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

Now Manning is being held in custody in a prison in Kuwait, without access to private legal counsel facing 52 years in prison. Will he one day be a national hero similar to whistle blowers like Daniel Ellsberg who exposed the truth of the Vietnam War, or will this all be covered up?


4 Responses to “Bradley Manning the new Daniel Ellsberg”

  1. Update: US Army Pfc Bradley Manning, who is accused of leaking military files to Wikileaks, has been transferred to a base in the US.
    The US Army said on Friday that Pfc Manning, 22, had been moved from Kuwait to Quantico Marine Base in Virginia, where he will be held pending trial.

  2. […] CIA analyst Ray McGovern spoke at a rally on Sunday in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the young soldier who is alleged to have given classified material to WikiLeaks. Manning is […]

  3. […] ALA resolution reportedly compares Manning’s leak to the “courageous action” of Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret study of U.S. government decision-making […]

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