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U.S. Government giving the green light for Israel to bomb Iran

Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced measure H.Res 1553 that would give the green-light for an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran.

History professor Juan Cole suggests a likely outcome of an Israeli military strike on Iran:

  • Iran will use Shiite operatives and militiamen to kill the increasingly vulnerable remaining US troops in Iraq.
  • Iran will stir up its substantial number of clients in Afghanistan to hit the United States, widening the insurgency from mainly Pashtun Taliban to include fundamentalist Tajiks and Hazaras. The US will remain mired in that war, perhaps for decades, as a result.
  • Iran will probably bide its time and act in covert and hard to trace ways against US interests in the region. All US commercial and government offices in the region would become targets.
  • A fair likelihood exists that Hizbullah would do something to Israel in revenge, possibly provoking another Israel-Lebanon War.
  • Not only would the democratically inclined opposition movement in Iran evaporate, but Muslim fundamentalists in Egypt, Jordan and other US allies would mobilize and perhaps gain in popularity out of anti-imperial solidarity. (Only 6% of ordinary Arabs is worried about an Iranian nuclear bomb, whereas almost all are disturbed by Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians).
  • The price of oil would spike, likely to 2008 highs of $140 a barrel, throwing the world back into Depression.
  • Once such hostilities began, the US could well get sucked into a third major Middle East war, against a country geographically much bigger than either Iraq or Afghanistan, and more than twice as populous as each of them. At another $1 trillion, that cost would push the US into $14 trillion in indebtedness all by itself, beginning America’s final spiral down into poverty and weakness.

2 Responses to “U.S. Government giving the green light for Israel to bomb Iran”

  1. Further, Resolution 1553, introduced by Congressional Republicans, and currently working its way through the system not only endorses an Israeli attack on Iran, but this would basically be the US going to war by proxy, as the US would almost immediately be drawn into the conflict when Tehran retaliates.

    The resolution is non-binding, but it is dazzling in its disregard for the possible negative consequences that would ensue for the hundreds of thousands of US military and diplomatic personnel currently serving in the Near East region.

    Even the Pentagon opposes any Israeli action against Iran, knowing that it would mean instant retaliation against US forces in Iraq and also in Afghanistan.

  2. […] had been exaggerating the Arab “threat”. More recently, 47 House Republicans have signed onto H.R. 1553 declaring “support for Israel’s right to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate […]

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