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Wikileaks highlights US attack that killed 300 civilians In Afghanistan

Up to 300 Afghan civilians were killed in a U.S. air strike. This was on August 2, 2007, after  a US special forces team mounted what they hoped would be an assassination spectacular in the mountains of northern Helmand, Afghanistan. They called it Operation Jang Baz.

Special operations troops, the war logs report, “tracked and fixed 2 senior Taliban commanders” to the remote spot. Both were listed as “High Value Individuals tier 2”, putting them near the top of the US “kill or capture” list.

After dropping six 2,000lb GBU-31 guided bombs on the meeting from a B1 jet, the coalition reported “effectively destroying the primary target location” and killing 50 “Taliban senior commanders, security and fighters”. Lt Gen John Mulholland, of the special operations command, later claimed “over 150 Taliban fighters” had been killed.

A statement released from Bagram air base on the day of Operation Jang Baz said the bombs had been dropped “after ensuring there were no innocent Afghans in the surrounding area”.

It was later realized that despite “multiple forms of positive identification” that the main Taliban target had in fact probably never been there at all.

And villagers told a much different story from the one presented in the war logs. Locals told Reuters that up to 300 civilians were killed in the air strike after they had been rounded up to watch a Taliban-organized public hanging of two suspected spies.

[The Guardian}


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