Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Why NATO Should Withdraw from Afghanistan

It is difficult for politicians to admit they were wrong. But when it comes to Afghanistan, the consequences of not doing so could be high.

It took 30 years for former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to acknowledge that the Vietnam War had been a mistake. NATO and the West shouldn’t wait that long. Together they should realize — and admit — that the war in Afghanistan is not going to end in success. Led by the US, NATO and other Western allies have been trying to pacify Afghanistan for almost 10 years — with little success. War aims have changed frequently. None of them, however, has been achieved.

Afghanistan is a nightmare, a graveyard of empires. The British came first, followed by the Soviets; now NATO and the UN are losing their innocence on the battlefields of Afghanistan. In total, the US, its allies and private security firms have almost 200,000 soldiers stationed in the country, roughly equal to the number the Soviets stationed there in the 1980s. It wasn’t enough then, and it won’t be enough now.

[Excerpt of a Spiegel article by Christoph Schwennicke]


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