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Pakistan’s supposedly duplicitous behavior in Afghanistan

Excerpts of a Toronto Sun article by Eric Margolis, veteran Mideast correspondent

The U.S. government has been blasting Pakistan’s supposedly duplicitous behavior for maintaining secret links with the Taliban and its allies, while downplaying the atrocities — and, charges WikiLeaks, “war crimes” — committed by western forces.

Here’s the bottom line on Pakistan’s “duplicity.” After 9/11, the U.S. threatened to “bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age” unless it turned against the Taliban, and opened Pakistan to U.S. military forces and intelligence operations. This was told to me by a former head of ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service whose directors I have known since 1985.

So Pakistan followed a dual-track policy: Accepting semi-occupation by the U.S. and $1 billion annually from Washington and paying lip service to the U.S.-led war, while keeping open links to Taliban and tribal militants. This was basic common sense. No one should have been surprised — particularly not Washington which has a long record of abandoning faithful allies.

Washington and U.S. media are heaping blame for the growing fiasco in Afghanistan on Gen. Hamid Gul, former director general of the ISI intelligence agency. I knew Gul well. He is not anti-American. He is pro-Pakistan, a Pakistani patriot at a time when so many Pakistani politicians and generals have been bought.

What Washington really wants is a totally obedient, obsequious Pakistan, not a real ally.


3 Responses to “Pakistan’s supposedly duplicitous behavior in Afghanistan”

  1. Another journalist on the ground in Pakistan, Nida Khan, an American news correspondent of Pakistani heritage writes:

    Following the recent release of the now infamous 92,000 classified U.S. army documents via Wikileaks, the most blaring headline here at home quickly read something like this: ‘Pakistan’s spy agency meets with insurgents and in some cases plans attacks against Americans’.

    At first glance, this is unquestionably a troubling, inflammatory notion; how could Pakistan’s own secret service, the ISI, engage in covert acts that run counter to our mission, and in effect, stand in direct opposition to their own open political stance? But upon further and deeper assessment, we can see how Pakistan’s seemingly contradictory behavior is not too far off base from our own apparent paradoxical actions.

    We in the United States, … in public discourse … have acknowledged nothing but support for the nation of Pakistan as it works alongside our own military to root out terrorism in Afghanistan and within its own bordering communities. As we have repeatedly stated, Pakistan is our biggest ally against extremists and many within Pakistan argue that they have sacrificed the most in terms of dead soldiers and exhausted manpower.

    So why is it that our own intelligence agency and military engages in secret, covert attacks on Pakistan that has led to the deaths of over 700 civilians in 2009 alone? If our own undisclosed actions conflict with our public diplomacy, can we really be enraged when Pakistanis are alleged to do the same?

    Since President Obama has been in office, the drone attacks have increased threefold. And according to local Pakistani media, like the Dawn newspaper, for each terrorist killed by U.S. drones, some 140 innocent Pakistanis also lose their lives.

  2. If the U.S. is smart about this We will establish a Trust with the Real Pakistani Patriots and Garner them some real-time Power to Ambush the Corrupt Pakistani ISI as well as The Taliban and al-Qaeda Forces. By so doing we can sanction the Corrupt ISI and The Pakistani Government that is on the al-Qaeda and Taliban payroll. This may happen across the Border in Afghanistan too. At the same Time these Secret Missions are going on we can Provide Communications and Military Protections for the Allied Pakistani Military as well as the Protection of the Pakistan and Afghan Public too. Which is really about everything these Muslim Warriors are about is their Public Trust and Their Peoples Security. Seriously Supporting and Building this Trust can be done with dual Use Information and The ISI as well as Tye Terrorists may chose to play into the Plan and be captured by this Technology too. This can be achieved by using Negative Campaigning too. Building the Taliban and al-Qaeda up with a False sense of Security then Blowing them off of the Map. As long as the Real Muslim Military is protected this would work and we could find out who is an Ally and Who is a Terrorist too.

  3. Also the Terrorists are killing the Pakistan Public too. This reflects upon the News which isn’t reported that much either. The Terrorists are acting with impunity when the Recipe doesn’t ally with the Plan. The plan takes a more secure stance when the Terrorists are captured or killed without the Terrorists Propaganda. Then even the Pakistani’s are more comfortable with whats going on too.

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