Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

War is a meat grinder for soldiers and their families

The military is facing an epidemic of suicides. War is a meat grinder for service members and their families. It grinds people up without mercy, killing them and inflicting the worst kinds of wounds imaginable, physical and psychological.

The Pentagon is trying to cope with the surge in suicides, but it is holding a bad hand: the desperate shortage of troops has forced military officials to lower the bar for enlistment, thus letting in people whose drug and alcohol abuse or other behavioral problems would previously have kept them out. And the multiple deployments (four, five and six tours in the war zones) have jacked up stress levels to the point where many just can’t take it.

The G.I.’s have fought valiantly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands have died and many, many more have suffered. But after nearly a decade, neither war has been won and there is no prospect of winning.

And trillions of dollars are being squandered. For those who haven’t noticed, we have a nation that needs rebuilding here at home. It’s time to bring the troops back, and nurse the wounded, and thank them all for their extraordinary service.

[Excerpt of a New York Times article by Bob Herbert]


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