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Only a U.S. Nuclear Strike will bring Iran to its knees

When Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked recently whether the United States has a military plan for an attack on Iran, he replied simply: “We do”.

That said, there is really no way for the US to win a non-nuclear war with Iran. The US could “win” by dropping hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran’s military bases, nuclear facilities and industrial centers (cities) and killing five to 10 million people. But short of that, nothing works.

On this we have the word of Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism adviser in the White House under three administrations. In the early 1990s, Clarke said in an interview with the New York Times “After a long debate, the highest levels of the military could not forecast a way in which [a war with Iran] would end favorably for the US.”  The Pentagon’s planners have war-gamed an attack on Iran and they just can’t make it come out as a US victory.

It’s not the fear of Iranian nuclear weapons that makes the US Joint Chiefs of Staff so reluctant to get involved in a war with Iran. (Those weapons don’t exist and the whole justification for the war would be to make sure that they never do.) The problem is that there’s nothing the US can do to Iran, short of nuking the place,  that would really force Tehran to kneel and beg for mercy.

[New Zealand Herald]


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