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Blackwater violations smoothed over by friends in high places

The company formerly known as Blackwater violated U.S. export control laws nearly 300 times,  the State Department said Monday.

The alleged violations were spelled out in documents released by the State Department as part of a $42 million settlement with Blackwater.

The company and its currently serving officers have avoided criminal prosecution. Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, will continue receiving U.S. government contracts.

Further, Xe is allowed to use $12 million of [its $42 million settlement] to strengthen the company’s export control compliance programs. A government policy of denying most of the firm’s export control applications, in place since December 2008, will be lifted.

Blackwater violated firearms regulations on numerous occasions, the documents allege. In one case, it diverted weapons intended for use in supporting U.S. military operations in Iraq to the company’s private contracts in that country.

The company “did not fully cooperate” during the first 18 months of the State Department investigation, which began in February 2007, and made several false statements to the government that it later revised, the documents said.

Blackwater has provided military training to security forces in almost every corner of the globe, often without proper authorization from the U.S. government, the documents show. Countries that received those services included Azerbaijan, Canada, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Niger, the Philippines and Taiwan.

[Read full McClatchy article]

Blackwater founder leaves U.S.


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