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Blackwater founder Erik Prince moves to Abu Dhabi

Erik Prince, whose company, Blackwater Worldwide, is for sale has left the United States and moved to Abu Dhabi, according to court documents. With scrutiny of Blackwater’s activities, Mr. Prince had changed the company’s name yo Xe Services and overhauled the management. He sold the company’s aviation arm early this year, and finally placed the whole company, including its huge headquarters and training complex in Moyock, N.C., up for sale in June.

Mr. Prince, a former Navy Seal and an heir to a Michigan auto parts fortune, left the country for the Middle East after a series of civil lawsuits, criminal charges and Congressional investigations singled out Blackwater or its former executives and other personnel.

Prince does not face any criminal charges, but five former top company executives were indicted on federal weapons, conspiracy and obstruction charges. Two guards who worked for a Blackwater-affiliated company face murder charges from a 2009 shooting in Afghanistan, and the Justice Department is trying to revive its prosecution of five former Blackwater guards accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007.

Over the past several years, Congress has also conducted a series of investigations of Blackwater’s activities in Iraq and Afghanistan, including an inquiry by the House Intelligence Committee into the company’s involvement in a proposed CIA assassination program.

Current and former colleagues said Mr. Prince hoped to focus on security work from governments in Africa and the Middle East.


2 Responses to “Blackwater founder Erik Prince moves to Abu Dhabi”

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  2. For any government to assassinate anyone on foreign soil is a violation of international law, and there are now left leaning governments in Spain, Iceland, Greece and Latin American with an expressed willingness to prosecute US war criminals in the International Criminal Tribunal. Americans who order or contemplate carrying out these acts need to be forewarned that they may forfeit the freedom to travel internationally. As with Pinochet’s arrest in Britain (on a Spanish warrant), EU countries are obligated to honor warrants issued by other EU courts. I write about my own close encounter with the seamier side of US intelligence in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

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