Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

The ironies of Christian conscience

The Rev. William P. Mahedy, a chaplain in Vietnam, tells of a soldier he encountered on the field of battle. The soldier approaches the chaplain and asks: ‘Hey, Chaplain … how come it’s a sin to hop into bed with a mama-san but it’s okay to blow away gooks out in the bush?’

Mahedy later wrote of his experience: ”Consider that question that [a young Christian soldier] and I were forced to confront on that day in a jungle clearing:

“How is it that a Christian can, with a clear conscience spend a year in a war zone killing people? And yet place his soul in jeopardy by spending a few minutes with a prostitute?”

While Christians stand for a good many causes, on the other hand they have justified wars that have killed tens of thousands of people. American Christianity in particular has often been flavored with the country’s political views.

Christians often condone wars and slaughtering of so-called infidels by using the Old Testament as a justification. But aren’t Christians supposed to be primarily motivated by the New Testament?

2 Responses to “The ironies of Christian conscience”

  1. father bill mahedy, jr. was my youth pastor.. he helped me with a lot of ptsd-like issues i had regarding my father and my being a homosexual…

    im sorry he has passed away… boys.dont.cry.

    ~ peace…

  2. It only says in the Bible in The First two Chapters of Acts to the Apostles that Christ’s Kingdom on this Earth was a Field of Blood and The Coming of The Lord would be that great, as He restored His People and His Church. God Bless all whom have given their lives to God in Christs Name. Amen.

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