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The U.S.’s no. 1 religion – Nope, not Christianity, it’s Ego-novism!

Christianity is commonly held to be the predominate religion in the United States, with 82.3 percent of Americans identifying themselves as being Christian in polls. However, when surveys are made that collect religious data, the pollsters never drill down to find out how religious the respondent really is.

The vast majority of Christians do not follow Biblical law and other rules in order to ensure their salvation, or generally be a good Christian in the eyes of God. This is an example of societal norms eroding religious doctrine.

[Such Christians in America are] part of a growing group of society; the Egonovists. Egonovism is the belief in a god and/or a religious structure that is not determined by holy text, organized religion, or religious leaders. It is the Egonovists themselves who determine the religious doctrine. Essentially, they make up the rules, and they decide how to follow them. It is likely that a statistically large number of self-identified Christians fall into the Egonovism category.

The term “Egonovism” comes from the latin “ego,” meaning self, and “novo” to make new, rewrite, or invent. The individual develops their own personal religions system and borrows ideas from established religions that they’re familiar with. Many Egonovists include the Christ figure in their religion, and hence they self-identify as Christians.

[Excerpt of an article by Rev. Robert A. Vinciguerra]


One Response to “The U.S.’s no. 1 religion – Nope, not Christianity, it’s Ego-novism!”

  1. This is a fulfillment of the Gospel that says “Many are called but few will answer` that was a testmony of Christ about the last Days.

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