Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

So am I now an activist for caring about my grandchildren’s future?

“How did you become an activist?”

I was surprised by the question. I never considered myself an activist. I was about to protest the characterization. How had I been sucked into being an “activist?”

What had become clear was that our planet is close to climate tipping points. Ice is melting in the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica, and on mountain glaciers worldwide. Many species are stressed by environmental destruction and climate change. There is a limit on how much carbon dioxide we can pour into the atmosphere. We cannot burn all fossil fuels.

Actions needed for the world to move on to clean energies of the future are feasible. The actions could restore clean air and water globally.

But the actions are not happening. At first I thought it was poor communication. Scientists must not have made the story clear enough to world leaders.

So I wrote letters to national leaders and visited more than half a dozen nations. What I found in each case was greenwash – a pretense of concern about climate, but policies dictated by fossil fuel special interests.

So [as a grandfather] I look forward to standing with young people and their supporters, helping them develop their case, as they demand their proper due and fight for nature and their future.

I guess that makes me an activist.

[Excerpt from The Guardian]


One Response to “So am I now an activist for caring about my grandchildren’s future?”

  1. I believe in Activism too but I also have found that Moderate and Steady Growth of a cause is better than any kind of Radical Changes that can be made for We need to have God`s Influence for the cause of a Better Environment to be Effective and for it to be a more advanced part of Our World. Because God can do the Impossiblee when we fall short of the Mark we hope to achieve. This Makes sense whether its an Evolutionary Reason or a Creational Reason because it takes a Cultural Revolution to make it Happen. That is why the Slow Growth can accelerate and cause a Major Disaster if we are not prepared for the Revolution. All it takes is Radicalization.

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