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The scary new U.S. war in Pakistan

Pakistan is an American ally and recipient of millions of dollars of U.S. foreign aid. Yet almost daily America is bombing parts of Pakistan and carrying on military operations against its citizens.

While the Obama administration has increased drone attacks and other clandestine military operations in Pakistan, they have been cautious not to call it the “war on terror” as the Bush administration often did.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow points out that the war on terror was meant to be something that wasn’t rooted in a single country.  Maddow explains, “The idea is that it has to be a global war, a war anywhere on earth. Countries don’t really matter.  But countries do matter, borders do matter. They matter as much to anyone else in the world as they do to us. Even though we don’t say it’s a war on Pakistan, is starting to feel like a war on Pakistan.”

Pakistan has received about one airstrike per day for the past month, by Maddow’s calculations, who observes that the US was test driving a “scary new war in Pakistan.”

“If what’s going on with this escalation that no one is talking about is that the war in Afghanistan is sort of officially expanding into Pakistan, then this isn’t just ho-hum, another chapter in the global war that’s everywhere.

“This is Laos and Cambodia, 1970,” she continued.

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2 Responses to “The scary new U.S. war in Pakistan”

  1. We need to do exploratory anti-terrorist attacks to stir this evil in Our Allies Homeland and Force this evil to show its ugly head.

  2. So since you obviously feel it’s OK for the U.S, military to make drone and land attacks in the lands of America’s allies, are you suggesting the U.S. do likewise in Germany and other European countries where 9/11 was plotted?

    Or how about send some drones to wipe out portions of some Canadian cities, since so-called sleeper cells there were plotting to blow up LAX in Los Angeles?

    Come on, man! To say your logic is seriously flawed is an understatement, and said as politely as possible!!

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