Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Americans are too indoctrinated to see the illusion clearly

Poll after poll indicates that voters have lost faith in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, whose respective approval ratings have fallen to historical lows.

Why would any working class person, Democrat or Republican, support the charlatan Republicans and Democrats running for office? It is irrational, if not delusional, for working class people to support candidates and polices to which they are philosophically opposed.

And yet that is what they are doing. No one wants to have their social security benefits cut. They do not want to see their retirement benefits reduced, or their Medicare and Medicaid payments slashed. The unemployed do not want their unemployment checks cut or eliminated, as some Republican members of Congress advocate. Workers do not want the retirement age raised. They do not want to see college tuition priced out of reach to all but the wealthy.

The trouble is that the people do not comprehend who or what the real enemy is. Nominal Republicans and Democrats are fighting one another while the super-rich are looting the public treasure and privatizing the public domain.

The problem is that Americans are too indoctrinated to see clearly. The majority exists in a media-induced state of false consciousness. They are misled and lied to. They are looking for quick and easy fixes to complex problems that were long in the making.

Thus, voting cannot cure what ails America. The game is fixed. The appearance of choice is an illusion, an utter hoax.

[Excerpts of an article by Charles Sullivan]


One Response to “Americans are too indoctrinated to see the illusion clearly”

  1. When I gave up on the Riches of this World and keeping up with the Jones, I have learned to live within my $870.00 a month disability chk. I have served My God in one way or another for at least 37 yrs. Most people may think I am A dumbass but there is a certain feeling I feel about My Choice of God that just emanates throughout His World that I am connected to that justifies The Real Reason for The Worlds Problems and My God Wrote the Book on that. God Bless

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