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The Revealing Palestine Papers

The Palestine Papers give the world an unprecedented look inside the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, as well as provide a fly-on-the-wall view of how key senior American officials never take any position to which an Israeli government might object.

The series of six documents show just how willing the U.S. is to acquiesce to Israeli demands – and how willing they are to pressing the Palestinian Authority leadership to move forward on the negotiations despite Israel’s flaunting of international agreements, including freezing all settlement activity.

The Palestine Papers also reveal that the Palestinian Authority sacrificed a potential victory for Palestinian victims in exchange for favorable assurances on negotiations from the United States and, they hoped, from Israel. The United States urged the PA to stall the Goldstone Report as a means of restarting negotiations with Israel. The UN Human Rights Council had been widely expected to pass a resolution supporting the Goldstone Report, the UN’s probe of war crimes committed during Israel’s war in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009.



One Response to “The Revealing Palestine Papers”

  1. The PA leadership initially dismissed the Palestine Papers as fantasy. Then Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erakat admitted that they contained truths, half truths and fantasy.

    Erakat also claimed that someone might have hacked into the computers and manipulated the files to achieve political mileage and named Al-Jazeera reporter and alleged former CIA agent Clayton Swisher and former MI6 agent Alistair Crooke as the sources of the Palestine Papers.

    Possibly this was a damage-control exercise on his part. Or perhaps, he was right.

    Al-Jazeera meanwhile claimed that the papers were authentic though it declined to say how it got the documents or how it ascertained their authenticity. The Al-Jazeera website states: “Because of the sensitive nature of these documents, Al Jazeera will not reveal the source(s) or detail how they came into our possession. We have taken great care over an extended period of time to assure ourselves of their authenticity.”

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