Moral Outrage
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Kill Switch for the Internet alarms privacy experts

Hosni Mubarak’s Egyptian regime used an Internet “kill-switch” in recent weeks. It works and we saw the results live on television.

Virtually every government in the world has the ability to silence the voice of their citizens by simply shutting off access to the Information Super Highway. It is mind-boggling. With a “kill-switch,” government can “pull the plug” if it feels that government is being threatened by any national emergency that will disrupt the nation.

For any government to trigger a “kill-switch” to block access to the Internet is government intrusion at its worst. An ominously nicknamed Kill Switch bill is sure to be a flashpoint of discussion at the nation’s largest gathering of computer-security experts that takes place in San Francisco this week.

“This is all about control, an attempt to control every aspect of our existence,” says Christopher Feudo, a cybersecurity expert who is chairman of SecurityFusion Solutions. “I consider it an attack on our personal right of free speech. Look what recently occurred in Egypt.”

The disruption to communications and economic activity “could be catastrophic,” says Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.


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