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CIA agent Raymond Davis and the Fraudulent War on Terror

When CIA-agent Raymond Davis gunned down two Pakistani civilians in broad daylight on a crowded street in Lahore, he probably never imagined that the entire Washington establishment would spring to his defense. But that’s precisely what happened. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mike Mullen, John Kerry, Leon Panetta and a number of other US bigwigs have all made appeals on Davis’s behalf.

Why has the State Department invoked the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to make its case that Davis is entitled to diplomatic immunity?

Davis shot his victims 5 times in the back, calmly strode back to his car, grabbed his camera, and photographed the dead bodies. Then the two so-called “diplomats” who came to his rescue in a Land Rover (which killed a passerby) have been secretly spirited out of the country so they won’t have to appear in court.

Davis had been photographing sensitive installations and madrassas, the kind of intelligence gathering that spies do when scouting-out prospective targets. This is from (Pakistan’s) The Nation: “A local lawyer has moved a petition in the court of Additional District and Sessions … contending that the accused (Davis)… was preparing a map of sensitive places in Pakistan through the GPS system installed in his car.”

Also, Davis had been in close contact with members of terrorist organizations, which suggests a link between the CIA and terrorist incidents in Pakistan. The Express Tribune writes: “His cell phone has revealed contacts with two ancillaries of al Qaeda in Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) and sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has led to the public conclusion that he was behind terrorism committed against Pakistan’s security personnel and its people.”

“Al Qaeda”? The CIA is working with “ancillaries of al Qaeda in Pakistan”? If Davis was working with Tehreek-e-Taliban, (as alleged in many reports) then we can assume that the war on terror is basically a ruse to advance a broader imperial agenda.

Whether Raymond Davis is punished or not is irrelevant. This isn’t about Davis anyway. It’s a question of whether the US is working hand-in-hand with the very organizations that it publicly condemns in order to advance its global agenda. If that’s the case, then the war on terror is a fraud.

[Excerpted from an article by Mike Whitney]


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  1. On March 16, Raymond Davis was freed from prison after the United States paid $2.34 million in “blood money” to the victims’ families.

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