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Is Gaddafi accountable for war crimes in Libya?

Holding Gaddafi and Libyan officials directly accountable for alleged war crimes against a civilian population, by referring the issue directly to the ICC, would set a precedent that could hold US and NATO political leaders also responsible for civilian deaths in their present wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afterall, US and NATO warplanes and remote-controlled drones have so far killed thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, and US and NATO leaders could be also held liable for genocide.

Gaddafi has spoken over Libyan state TV and radio to stress that the present turmoil in Libya is not an extension of the democratic upsurge in the region, but an imperialist conspiracy to take away from the Libyan people their control of their own oil resources. Gaddafi claims that this is an armed counter-revolution participated in by outsiders and mercenaries, and which aims to bring about the imperialist occupation of Libya, similar to the present imperialist imposition of suffering and humiliation upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

Huge demonstrations in Tripoli in support of Gaddafi, in response to his call for the Libyan people to defend their sovereignty and oil wealth, have apparently disturbed the imperialist powers. The so-called “National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)”, an exile group that has been interviewed constantly by western media as a leading opposition force, and which is loudly demanding a NATO attack against Gaddafi, has for decades served as a stooge of the CIA.

The CIA is now even trying to pass off alleged “studies” showing that most Libyans are surviving on less than USD$2.00 per day. However, such “studies” have no credibility, considering that Libya remains a favorite among expatriate workers in the Middle East, given the relatively higher pay and better working terms in Libyan work sites.

It was under Gaddafi, and with oil money, that Libya attained the highest per capita income among African states. His revolution nationalized the Libyan oil industry, and used the oil riches to uplift the social conditions of the Libyan masses; to eradicate widespread illiteracy; to provide jobs and housing; to develop free higher education; and to ensure better nutrition through food subsidies. The monarchy used to own much of the habitable and arable land, until Gaddafi ordered the nationalization of land and the burning of all land titles in simultaneous bonfires nationwide in order to pave the way for radical changes in housing ownership and agrarian relations.

Unlike Ben Ali and Mubarak in Tunisia and Egypt earlier this year, Gaddafi is not someone who can simply be ordered by a US president to step down and yield power to a new US puppet. All efforts are therefore being made to “justify” an imperialist intervention in Libya. However, imperialism has to contend with the fact that there is apparently no widespread defection among the 50,000 to 70,000 hard core Gaddafi security forces, unlike in Egypt where the army joined the protesters on the streets.

It is therefore the role of western media to propagate the message that the Gaddafi regime is fast collapsing; that its control of Libyan territory and population is dwindling rapidly; that Gaddafi’s last resort is genocide against his own people; and that the international community (meaning again the NATO “coalition of the willing”) should strike to take out Gaddafi and pre-empt his use of “weapons of mass destruction” and his blowing up of the Libyan oil industry.

[Excerpts of an article by Antonia E. Paris, General Secretary of PKP-1930, The Philippines]


One Response to “Is Gaddafi accountable for war crimes in Libya?”

  1. At least a couple European governments have officially shied away from military action in Libya. Italy ruled out any possible Italian military participation in Libya, citing its history as the country’s colonial occupier. Germany said military action would be counterproductive.

    Meanwhile, some 400 U.S. Marines from the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit arrived at the U.S. Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete. Base spokesman Paul Farley said they had been deployed “as part of contingency planning to provide [President Obama] flexibility on full range of option regarding Libya,” along with the amphibious assault ships USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce which have been ordered to Mediterranean.

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