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CIA Raymond Davis held in Pakistan bailed out with US blood money

CIA contractor Raymond Davis who shot and killed two Pakistani men was freed from prison on Wednesday after the United States paid $2.34 million in “blood money” to the victims’ families, Pakistani officials said.

Police fired tear gas against protesters burning tires outside a U.S. consulate in Pakistan after the release of Davis who killed two Pakistani men. There were small protests in other main cities as well.

In what appeared to be carefully choreographed end to the diplomatic crisis, the U.S. Embassy said the Justice Department had opened an investigation into the killings on Jan. 27 by Raymond Allen Davis. It thanked the families for “their generosity” in pardoning Davis, but did not mention any money changing hands.

The killings and detention of Davis triggered a fresh wave of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and were testing an alliance seen as key to defeating al-Qaeda and ending the war in Afghanistan.

The tensions were especially sharp between the CIA and Pakistan’s powerful Inter Services Intelligence Agency, which says it did not know Davis was operating in the country.



2 Responses to “CIA Raymond Davis held in Pakistan bailed out with US blood money”

  1. Pratap Chatterjee writes in The Guardian:
    US officials paid the two victims families a reported $2.3million and Raymond Davis, a former Blackwater contractor, who was employed by the CIA in Pakistan, was released.

    Consider the case of Shane Bauer, a freelance journalist, who was arrested by Iranian border guards while hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan, an area I too have hiked in. Almost 20 months later, he is still a prisoner in Iran, where the US government has barely lifted a finger to help him.

    The charges against Bauer – who is accused of working for the CIA – are spurious. Indeed, his reporting has uncovered US government complicity in war crimes. But that may be exactly why he is getting so little help from Washington.

    The message that the Obama administration sent in Islamabad on Wednesday is loud and clear. If you work for the CIA, the US government will pay your way out of jail even if you are being held on murder charges. But if you are, like Shane Bauers, a US citizen wrongfully accused of being a CIA spy but whose work has exposed the US government’s shame, your case will be no kind of priority.

    So, for a murder suspect a ransom is paid, while an innocent citizen is left to rot. Does this contrast suggest an administration committed to human rights, the rule of law and freedom of the press?

  2. A total of 331 US officials, most of them suspected of engaging in espionage under diplomatic cover in Pakistan, have been “identified to leave the country” under a secret deal between the two sides for release of American national Raymond Davis, a March 24 media report said.

    Pakistani authorities have agreed not to declare these US officials “persona non grata” if they voluntarily leave the country within a stipulated time, The Indian Express quoted unnamed sources as saying. The daily also reported that Islamabad was ready to summarily expel these persons who have various levels of diplomatic immunity.

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