Moral Outrage
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Julian Assange is only guilty of embarrassing the US

Supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange packed Sydney’s Town Hall to hear Julian Burnside QC and others denounce the treatment of the whistleblower website and the Australian-born Assange at the hands of the Australian and US governments.

A panel which included journalist John Pilger and federal MP Andrew Wilkie, a former intelligence analyst and Iraq war whistleblower, said the saga has followed a narrative similar to that of former Guantanamo detainee David Hicks.

“Julian Assange is going through the whistleblower grinder … and my experience is that when you stand up and try to speak the truth to power it is tough. For my efforts you were told that I was mad,” said Wilkie, adding that whistleblowers commit suicide at a higher rate than the rest of the Australian population.

“The First Amendment right of free speech in the US means that the publication would not be an offence, even though the leaking was an offence and the only exception to that … is if the leaking creates a real and present danger and there’s no suggestion of that in this case,” said Burnside, responding to a question.

“We have a right to know these things just like the people of Egypt and Tunisia had the right to know about the corruption of their regimes,” Pilger told the audience.



2 Responses to “Julian Assange is only guilty of embarrassing the US”

  1. I am reading David Hicks book ‘Guantanamo: My Journey’. It is a chilling account of the methods of torture by the USA on huge numbers of detainees. I’m shocked and disgusted at the inhumanity of it all.

    Shirley Code

  2. […] contend Assange represents free speech at its finest. They say he is committed to outing injustices. Assange himself has remained stalwart […]

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