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Bradley Manning moved to Fort Leavenworth prison

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning — the man charged with leaking classified military information to WikiLeaks — arrived at a Fort Leavenworth prison facility Wednesday afternoon, officials have confirmed.

The news comes after several international groups, including Amnesty International, stepped up criticism of Manning’s treatment at a Marine jail in Quantico.

Department of Defense General Counsel Jeh Johnson said the move instead comes because Manning’s mental competency inquiry review is complete and “Private Manning’s presence in the Washington D.C. area is no longer necessary for that purpose.”

The medical opinion of the mental health review, known in military justice terms as a 706 board, will take more time, Johnson added. But the military has decided that the new Fort Leavenworth facility is better suited to house Manning.

“Army Corrections Command has reviewed the new facility and determined that it has the expertise and capability to provide continued long-term pre-trial confinement for Private Manning,” Johnson said.

At Fort Leavenworth, Manning will go through an in-depth risk assessment in the first five to seven days of his arrival, said Joint Regional Correctional Facility Commandant Dawn Hilton. The assessment will help determine whether he has access to such things as a pillow, sheets and other amenities that critics contend he was denied at Quantico.

“He’ll receive open recreational time for three hours during the day, both indoors and outdoors. And he’ll have the capability to interact with other pre-trial inmates on a routine basis,” Joint Regional Correctional Facility Commandant Dawn Hilton said. Manning also will be able to have a limited number of visitors, according to Department of Defense officials.

Manning will return to the Washington D.C. area for legal proceedings, Johnson said, because his case is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army’s military district of Washington.

[Kansas City Star]


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  1. […] Manning has been held for 11 months, since March at the Joint Regional Correctional Facility at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. […]

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