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Gaddafi and Libya the perfect target

The official story about the attack on Libya is that the purpose is to save civilian lives, stop “madman” Gaddafi from killing civilians, and to bring democracy. This is fiction.

Col. Gaddafi is the perfect target, having been demonized by the West for decades as an authoritarian, and at times displaying character traits suggesting megalomania and instability. The American people were indoctrinated to hate him many years ago, so U.S. public opinion was already prepared for regime change.

The UN Security Council’s March 17 approval of Resolution 1973 called for a cease fire, a no-fly zone over Libya, but does not permit a “foreign occupation force.” The U.S. added a loophole that specified arms might be made available and other actions taken if they would “protect civilians.”

China, Russia, India, and Brazil, which account for some 40% of the world population (2.9 billion people out of 6.8 billion) expressed dismay that the resolution was interpreted by the U.S. and NATO to mean destroying Libya’s entire air defense system and most of its air force, bombing tanks and soldiers on the ground, and military installations as well as roads and sectors of civilian infrastructure. The Arab members of the Security Council later issued similar objections, as did a number of other countries, but USNATO’s predictable excesses continue.

USNATO attacks have coordinated with the anti-government political and military leaders, who are working in concert with their benefactors in Washington, Paris and London. U.S. CIA agents and Special Forces soldiers, joined by their opposite numbers from several NATO states, are operating in Libya training the anti-government troops, supplying weapons and sophisticated military hardware and communications equipment.

USNATO did not launch a war against Libya as a humanitarian gesture. If/when it removes the Gaddafi family from leadership and installs a replacement it will exercise decisive influence for many years to come, especially in oil concessions, privatizations and building contracts that enhance multinational corporations, air and military bases, and more.

[Excerpt of article by Jack A. Price, former editor of the (U.S.) Guardian Newsweekly]


2 Responses to “Gaddafi and Libya the perfect target”

  1. Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writes in Pravda:

    The law is the law, and it is crystal clear. Under the UN Charter and Resolutions 1970 and 1973 it would be illegal for any entity to arm the “rebels” in Libya and in so doing, this would constitute a breach of international law, leaving the perpetrators open to criminal liability.

    The legal principle of the UN Charter is to avoid war and to ensure peace; that is why any act of aggression outside the specific scope of a Resolution must necessarily pass by a separate Resolution in the UN Security Council. The scope of the resolutions covering Libya – UNSC Resolutions 1970 (2011) and 1973 (2011) – do not include the supply of weaponry to the “rebel” cause in Libya but instead prohibit it.

  2. […] Obama and his Administration has called for regime change in Libya, it has remained remarkably restrained about the escalating crackdown by the Sunni monarchy in […]

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