Moral Outrage
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Questions about the Illegal War in Libya

To the extent that the War Powers Resolution (WPR) authorized President Obama to fight a war in Libya for 60 days without Congressional approval. That 60-day period expired. … After making clear that they intended to contrive “some plausible theory” to justify this illegal war, the White House finally settled on the claim that the war in Libya — despite featuring substantial U.S. military action with the goal of destroying a foreign army and removing that nation’s leader — is too small and limited to be a real “war” under the Constitution and the WPR.
–Glenn Greenwald. Salon

Under which United Nations resolution did NATO get the right to murder civilians? Why did NATO murder Colonel Gaddafi’s son and three of Colonel Gaddafi’s grandchildren? Why has there been no accountability for the murder of innocent children? Why is NATO trying to murder Colonel Gaddafi? Why have the leaders of this act of butchery changed their tune, starting off by declaring that “This is not about removing Gaddafi” (Cameron) to now describing him as a legitimate target? Why is NATO targeting civilian structures, as it did in Iraq, with military hardware? Why are NATO personnel on the ground when NATO is not allowed to deploy troops? Why are western mercenaries being deployed inside Libya? Why is NATO taking sides in a civil war? Does NATO not know that it is illegal to get involved in an internal conflict? Does NATO know that the UNO cannot under any circumstances permit the use of force against a sovereign nation unless it is attacking its neighbors?
–Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda

A resolution calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Libya was withdrawn from the House schedule this week, prompting sponsor Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to charge that House leaders were afraid it might have passed. Kucinich argued that the administration failed to show there was any imminent threat to the U.S. in Libya, and that regardless, operations have been in place for longer than 60 days.
–Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill

Meanwhile, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said the Department was concerned about the prospect that Congress could vote against continuing American support for the NATO air strikes in Libya.


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