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US and Saudi Arabia covertly destabilizing Syria

The efforts to overthrow the Syrian government have a lot in common with what has been undertaken in Libya. The project to break up Libya and Syria simultaneously was initially brought up by John Bolton on 6 May 2002 when he was serving as Undersecretary of State in the Bush administration, its implementation now by the Obama administration nine years down the line.

Like in Libya, the original plan intended to bring about a military coup, but it soon proved impossible owing to the lack of willing Syrian military officers. The central idea was to foment unrest in a well circumscribed area and to proclaim the establishment of an Islamic emirate that would serve as a platform for the dismemberment of the country.

The military operation to destabilize Syria and the propaganda campaign that came with it have been orchestrated by a coalition of states under US coordination. But the skirmishes were led by small commando teams, combining individuals recruited on the spot with foreign mercenary overseers belonging to Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s network. Bandar travelled to Jordan where he supervised the kick off of operations, together with CIA and Mossad officials.

While Colonel Gaddafi and Hafez al-Assad (Bashar’s father) rose to power during the same period and both made use of their intelligence and brutality to hold sway, Bashar al-Assad, on the contrary, did not seize power nor did he expect to inherit it. He accepted to fill the office of president when his father died because his older brother had perished in an accident and because only his family heritage could have prevented a power struggle among his father’s generals.

Bashar al-Assad is undeniably the most popular political leader in the Middle East. Up to two months ago, he was also the only one who moved around without armed guards, and felt comfortable in a crowd.

Aware that they are being drawn into a civil war by design, the Syrians are standing shoulder to shoulder. At the end of the day, the plan to destabilize Syria is not working all that well. It succeeded in persuading public opinion that the country is in the grips of a brutal dictatorship, but it also welded the vast majority of the Syrian population firmly behind its government.

[Click to read full article by Thierry Meyssa writing in “Voltaire”]

2 Responses to “US and Saudi Arabia covertly destabilizing Syria”

  1. M K Bhadrakumar writes in the Asia Times
    “Russia is challenging US plans to prolong its military presence in Iraq beyond end-2011 at a time when the US is setting up bases in the Black Sea region and is covertly destabilizing the regime in Syria, where Russia has a Soviet-era naval base.”

  2. […] Armed rebels fighting the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad have committed “serious human rights abuses,” an influential human rights watchdog said today. […]

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