Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

The European Spring – Is Revolution underway?

Has Capitalism hung itself in its excess?

Underlying what I prefer to call the Mediterranean Spring rather than the European Spring are a host of symptoms of a highly infectious pandemic of rejection of the capitalist system. The movement of the movements infecting Spanish youth camping on the plazas of their nation today is transversal. The Spanish-Portuguese mood is almost identical in Greece , where working people, especially youth, refuse to pay for the greed of capitalism. In Italy , the grass roots—youth and workers, the unemployed and the underpaid underemployed—demand rights. Some similarities are visible in the overturn of systems in Tunisia and Egypt.

Spain’s indignados, modern Don Quixotes, have occupied sixty plazas across the Spain . The Indignant Ones movement in Portugal is the same. The movement is hailed and imitated by Greeks and Italians. In France , they occupied the Bastille for a brief time.

Wherever you look in southern Europe you hear the same cries of indignation rising in intensity. Capitalism should tremble. For when indifference ends, social activism takes over. Revolution is in fact already underway.

Who then are the weak and undefended? As always in social history of the over one hundred years of rampant, unbridled, excessive capitalism, they are the working class. As an irony of history that class today is bigger than it has ever been. It now includes also a great part of the former middle class.

Until now their demands have been restrained.

[Excerpt of an article by Gaither Stewart]


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