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The Taliban and the future of Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban are not one unified group. They are many groups. As Juan Cole said, “what the U.S. calls the Taliban is four or five different groups, and they’re not necessarily all Mullah Omar people.”

Mullah Omar is the fellow who was basically in charge in Afghanistan when the Americans invaded in 2001.

Today it does not matter who is with Mullah Omar and who is not. All the Taliban factions are opposed to U.S. intervention in their country and all are opposed to the corrupt and often incompetent ally of America, President Hamid Karzai, sitting in Kabul. And they know that without the presence of American combat troops, they have the power to bring down his government.

President Obama knows that between now and 2014 the United States cannot make the Kabul government strong enough and popular enough to survive.

However, the president is going to make as good a show of drawing down as he can. He certainly does not want to see another Viet Nam style retreat. He wants to minimize the chances of the Democrats being blamed for a debacle.

And after 2014, it will be Karzai who will take the blame when Kabul falls to some form of “Taliban” government and/or relapses back into a sectarian civil war of Pashtuns vs. the country’s various ethnic minorities.

[Excerpt of article by history professor Lawrence Davidson]


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