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Dennis Kucinich pushing US to end War in Libya

US congressman Dennis Kucinich is sponsoring legislation in the United States Congress to end US military involvement in Libya for the following reasons:

First, the war is illegal under the United States constitution and our War Powers Act, because only the US Congress has the authority to declare war and the president has been unable to show that the US faced an imminent threat from Libya.

Second, the war has reached a stalemate and is unwinnable without the deployment of NATO ground troops, effectively an invasion of Libya. The whole operation was terribly ill-considered from the beginning. While NATO supports the Benghazi-based opposition (situated in the oil-rich north-east), there is little evidence that the opposition has support of the majority of Libyans.

Third, the United States cannot afford it. The US cost of the mission is projected to soon reach more than $1 billion, and we are already engaged in massive cutbacks of civil services for our own people.

Additionally, NATO member France and coalition ally Qatar have both admitted shipping weapons to Libya, in open violation of the United Nations arms embargo. In the end, the biggest casualty of this game of nations will be the legitimacy of the UN.

[Dennis Kucinich writing in The Guardian]

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