Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Debt Ceiling Dilemma

The debt ceiling discussion is in a real crisis moment. Our economy and much of what has been fought for over the last 60 years is at risk.

In about 2 weeks, Republicans could force America into default and crash our whole economy in order to protect tax breaks for corporations and millionaires.

Additionally, it would also mean a hold on Social Security and Medicare checks for seniors.

If a foreign power made the same threats Republicans are making right now—to destroy our whole economy if they don’t get their way—America would be on a war footing.

Republicans are relying on the fact that many people don’t realize two things:
1. Not lifting the debt ceiling by August 2 could crash our economy, send the country back into recession, and greatly increase unemployment.
2. Republicans are doing this to protect tax breaks for the richest Americans and big corporations.



One Response to “Debt Ceiling Dilemma”

  1. Why would GOD allow Obama to do this?
    The answer is so simple! Just think about it.

    Personally I blame everything on the Libertarians because they are always at fault!

    For instance: the horrible way that Libertarians (and libertarian leaning republicans) treated George Herbert Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan (both good Christian men) led to the country being ‘Clintonized” for 8 years. Basically “they” got what “they” deserved and the country suffered along with the Libertarians. The Libertarians DESERVED Clinton!!

    And then there is the awful way that the so-called Conservative Tea People and the Libertarians treated George W. Bush (also a good Christian man) for over 8 years, They are deserving of punishment and so God gave them Obama! The Tea People deserve to be Obamafied. They really do.

    They (the Libertarian Tea People) claim to be Christians but they don’t act like or sound like Christians. Many seem to worship the Constitution or Ayn Rand or the Founders. And they are especially fond of LYING through thier teeth about other Christians (namely the whole Bush family).

    I am saying that “they” deserve exactly what is happening. Its their fault. The Libertarians deserve Obama! Now you might not deserve it. I don’t deserve it but we need to stop being so SELFISH! They (the Libertarian-Tea People) deserve Obama

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