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WikiLeaks reveals US strategy for regime change in Syria

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently spoke at a press conference and said the Syrian government has killed more than 2,000 people in the past months. As protests continue and the brutal crackdown on protests wears on, US State Embassy cables released by the media organization WikiLeaks provide a greater understanding of the Washington power politics that have led to this moment.

For the past five to six years, the US policy toward Syria has used what could be called a two-pronged strategy to push for regime change. The US has supported “civil society” activists or external opposition organizations. It has also worked to delegitimize, destabilize and isolate the country through the application of sanctions and various other measures, which could be applied to exploit vulnerabilities.

A diplomatic cable from December 13, 2006, made public by WikiLeaks, opens with the conclusion that the Syrian government has ended 2006 “in a position much stronger domestically and internationally than it did [in] 2005.” It features a collection of possible actions that could be taken to undermine the Assad regime.

One reads these diplomatic cables and draws the conclusion that the US bears some responsibility for egging Assad on. It appears the US might have an obligation to launch a “humanitarian intervention” into Syria, perhaps, one like the “humanitarian intervention” that continues to wear on Libya.

US “diplomacy” has included funding Syrian opposition groups and covertly supporting actions that could advance regime change in Syria.

But it has not only failed to succeeded in giving the opposition the support it needs to topple Assad, but has also significantly influenced the regime’s decision to unleash its military and security forces on the Syrian people.

In short, efforts to advance American hegemony through the buildup of “civil society” and the so-called advancement of “human rights” have failed and innocent civilians are paying the price.

[Excerpts of an article by Kevin Gosztola]


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