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Ex Bush official willing to testify against Dick Cheney

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, is calling for George W. Bush and Cheney to be held accountable for their crimes in office.

“I’d be willing to testify, and I’d be willing to take any punishment I’m due,” Wilkerson said.

As former Vice President Dick Cheney publishes his long-awaited memoir, Col.Wilkerson says: “This is a book written out of fear, fear that one day someone will ‘Pinochet’ Dick Cheney.”

Here Wilkerson is alluding to the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was arrested for war crimes. political and legal blogger Glenn Greenwald writes in his recent article “The Fruits of Elite Immunity” of Cheney, “Dick Cheney goes around the country profiting off of this sleazy, sensationalistic, self-serving book, basically profiting from his crimes, and at the same time normalizing the idea that these kind of policies…are perfectly legitimate choices to make. And I think that’s the really damaging legacy from all of this.”

[Democracy Now]


2 Responses to “Ex Bush official willing to testify against Dick Cheney”

  1. An excerpt from Glenn Greenwald:

    Less than three years ago, Dick Cheney was presiding over policies that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead from a war of aggression, constructed a worldwide torture regime, and spied on thousands of Americans without the warrants required by law, all of which resulted in his leaving office as one of the most reviled political figures in decades.

    But thanks to the decision to block all legal investigations into his chronic criminality, those matters have been relegated to mere pedestrian partisan disputes, and Cheney is thus now preparing to be feted — and further enriched — as a Wise and Serious Statesman with the release of his memoirs this week: one in which he proudly boasts (yet again) of the very crimes for which he was immunized.

    The U.S. Government loves to demand that other countries hold their political leaders accountable for serious crimes. By rather stark contrast, Dick Cheney will prance around the next several weeks in the nation’s largest media venues, engaging in civil, Serious debates about whether he was right to invade other countries, torture, and illegally spy on Americans, and will profit greatly by doing so [due to] the protective shield of immunity bestowed upon him by the current administration and the more generalized American principle that criminal accountability is only for ordinary citizens and other nations’ (unfriendly) rulers.

  2. […] the real master criminals, such as Dick Cheney, who, if tried for his actions at Nuremberg, would most definitely have been executed as a war […]

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