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The deepening rift between Israel and Turkey

As the rift between Israel and Turkey deepens, the Israeli media is preparing its crowd for another possible bloody conflict.

Israel’s leading news outlet Ynet, published a detailed comparison between Israel’s and Turkey’s military capacity – it outlines the size of the air force, navy, ground forces in the respective countries. “Turkey”, it says, “possess much bigger navy but our air force is larger.”

We have to remember, that at least on the face of it, this new emerging rift between Israel and Turkey, is not about land, oil or assets. It is all about apology.

Relations between the two old allies have soured further in recent days after the publication of the UN investigation into Israel’s murderous assault on a Turkish Mavi Marmara in high seas. In the attack nine peace activists were murdered; some of them were clearly executed in cold blood.

Turkey demands Israel’s apology. For some reason Israel failed to react.

The meaning is simple. Israel prefers the prospect of a violent development instead of confronting its sin.

[Excerpt of article by Gilead Atzmon, Israeli musician-peace activist]

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