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Poverty in the sputtering American economy

A snapshot of how Americans are faring more than two years after the recession:

Americans below the poverty line in 2010: 46.2 million
Last time the poverty level was this high: 1993

Poverty line in 2010: $22,314 for a family of four, or $11,139 for an individual

Rough amount the poor are living on per week: $200 or less

Uninsured Americans in 2010: 49.9 million

Poverty rate for white Americans in 2010: 13 percent
Poverty rate for African-Americans in 2010: 27.4 percent

Decline in median household income since before the recession: 6.4 percent

Total unemployed people in August: 14 million
People who were employed part time for economic reasons: 8.8 million
People not counted in the labor force who wanted work: 2.6 million
Long-term unemployed people as of August 2011: 6 million

[Excerpts from a ProPublica article by Braden Goyette]

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