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Iran and regime change in Syria

Regime change in Syria is a strategic prize that outstrips Libya – which is why Saudi Arabia and the west are playing their part

This summer a senior Saudi official told Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, that from the outset of the upheaval in Syria, the Saudi king has believed that regime change would be highly beneficial to Saudi interests: “The king knows that other than the collapse of the Islamic Republic itself, nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria.”

This is today’s “great game” – losing Syria. And this is how it is played: set up a hurried transitional council as sole representative of the Syrian people, irrespective of whether it has any real legs inside Syria; feed in armed insurgents from neighboring states; impose sanctions that will hurt the middle classes; mount a media campaign to denigrate any Syrian efforts at reform; try to instigate divisions within the army and the elite; and ultimately President Assad will fall – so its initiators insist.

Syria is strategically valuable, and Iran knows this. Iran has said that it will respond to any external intervention in Syria.

[Read full story in The Guardian]


One Response to “Iran and regime change in Syria”

  1. Syria may be a small time dictatorship but it is not our doing or problem. As noted unarmed crowds being fired upon by machine guns, Keep the thought what could happen here with gun control. If Saudi Arabia wants to do something about it without us. After all most of the people in 9/11 attack came from Saudi Arabia and they did make us pack up and desert our bases in Saudi Arabia. Of course it would be wonderful if we were to pack our bags and leave all bases that we have in over 100 countries in the World and bring our troops home and let them spend there money here and secure our borders. FOR ABOUT 60 YEARS WE HAVE HAD A FENCE ACROSS THE WHOLE COUNTRY OF KOREA THAT NO ONE CROSSES WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. And we are supposingly unable to secure our southern border.
    Let us stop our empire building for it is bankrupting us–creating intense dislike for us–making the insiders richer and us poorer–killing and enslaving innocent people.
    Elect the electable Ron Paul for President and bring our troops home.

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