Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

The American Media War on Iran

When Washington goes to war or threatens it, America’s media march in lockstep, cheerleading. Fiction substitutes for fact. Some examples:

The Wall Street Journal in September, IAEA said “Iran had enriched 4.5 tons of low-enriched uranium – sufficient, with further enrichment, for three or four bombs – and that a third of the uranium had been enriched in the last year alone.” adding “Iran had begun more advanced centrifuges, capable of enriching uranium at a significantly faster rate than” earlier ones.

Fact check: Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and nonmilitary. No credible evidence suggests otherwise.

The New York Times called IAEA’s document “chillingly comprehensive….What gives the report particular credibility is its meticulous sourcing.”

Fact check: IAEA document

The Washington Post reported the IAEA “spelled out in detail what governments around the world have known for a long time: Iran’s nuclear program has an explicit military dimension, aimed at producing a warhead that can be fitted onto one of the country’s medium-range missiles.”

Fact check: The IAEA’s “evidence” lacks credibility. It was fabricated, discredited and out of date. Independent analysts refuted it.

[Excerpts of article by Stephen Lendman]


2 Responses to “The American Media War on Iran”

  1. Iran is not a threat to the United States with or without any nukes. The insiders are trying to make excuses to take over anothor country in there quest to build a one world dictatorship..
    Wake up America and elect the electableRon Paul for President. He will bring our troops home and keep us out of war. Unless it becomes abosolutly neccessary. Then and only then he will take action and win it and bring our troops back home.
    Go Ron Paul Go and God Bless you.

  2. Stop aiding and abetting the insider’s quest to create a one world dictatorship.
    Elect the electable Ron Paul the one they fear as he will really expose them for what (.,.,.,.) they are

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